A sustainabile environment is a challenge for all countries

But together we can make it. In Italy circular economy is seen as an improvement of the Italian economy in order to develop a more livable and sustainable environment.

The opportunities of circular economy have been at the center of the Sustainability Forum organized by 24 Hours Business School. At the center of the discussion is the relationship between strategic and regulatory choices in some specific sectors such as energy, the environment, mobility, fashion and food, especially with regard to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

In this Article you find Italy’s bullet points in recycling and waste reduction. 

“Italy is the leader in the management of packaging waste – said the president of Conai Giorgio Quagliuolo – In the last ten years, 40 million tons of raw material have been saved with packaging recovery”. The recycling target set for 2025 has already been achieved by all materials, with the sole exception of plastics.


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