The Italian agri-food sector is experiencing remarkable growth. Technological innovation blended with Italian agriculture and the food industry enhances efficiency, sustainability, and quality across the food supply chain. In response to current challenges like rising demand and climate change, the industry has embraced emerging technologies, including drones, artificial intelligence, and digital traceability.

Geographical Distribution of Agriculture

The Italian agricultural sector spans approximately 1.5 million economic units across 12.8 million hectares. The majority is concentrated in the southern regions of the country, indicating geographical asymmetry. Most agricultural enterprises are small-scale, reflecting the prevalence of SMEs in the Italian agriculture sector.

Livestock Overview

Livestock farming in Italy, marked by a considerable number of farms, shows geographical variations. Regions like Sardinia, Lombardy, Veneto, and Piedmont hold a significant share, reflecting distinct dynamics across the country.

Italian Food Industry

The Italian food industry, with an annual turnover of around €180 billion, stands as a cornerstone of national interest. Renowned for its high-quality products certified for international markets, the industry maintains strong ties with the territory and Italian cultural heritage. Moreover, this balance between tradition and innovation ensures its continued success.

Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities

The Italian agri-food sector faces global challenges like sustainable resource management and circular economy. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, are revolutionizing the Italian food industry, ensuring increased efficiency from production to distribution.

Precision Agriculture

Moreover, precision agriculture is making field management “smart.” It implements targeted interventions to meet the specific needs of crops, thereby promoting economic and environmental sustainability.

Industry 4.0 Technologies in Agri-Food Industry

In addition, Industry 4.0 technologies, including autonomous and collaborative mobile robots, are revolutionizing the Italian agri-food industry. They optimize production processes and minimize agricultural waste. Additionally, automation enhances production flexibility while mitigating negative environmental impacts.

Blockchain in Agri-Food Tech

Furthermore, blockchain, deemed a 4.0 revolution, is vital to the digital transformation of the Italian agri-food sector. It ensures the security, speed, and confidentiality of information, fostering transparency and enhancing product quality.

National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)

The PNRR has allocated €1.15 billion to support the ecological and digital transition of the Italian agri-food sector. Initiatives include sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, biodiversity, and digitization, promoting innovation and sustainability in the national agri-food tech landscape.

Key Partnerships Established in the Sector

CIAC is a consortium formed to bring together all stakeholders in the Italian agri-food chain. This includes farms, agro-industries, and downstream enterprises. They work towards a common goal: recreating an authentic relationship between Italian agriculture and the environment. In this relationship, nothing is wasted, and everything is recovered in the form of matter or energy. Respect for the land and the health of individuals is at the core.

MVO is a significant Dutch movement for the New Economy. More than 2000 Dutch companies in various sectors have gathered around it. Their intention is to work more sustainably, circularly, and consciously. About 300 of these operate in the Dutch agribusiness sector across different categories. Proaxxes, in collaboration with MVO, aims to facilitate the exchange of technologies and know-how between the Dutch and Italian realities on this theme.


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