At the heart of a transition to a green and digital future, sustainable architecture takes on a crucial role in shaping and giving meaning and beauty to ongoing evolutions. Mobility is transforming towards shared, interconnected, and electric models. At the same time, decarbonization processes and the circular economy are revolutionizing industry and supply chain dynamics. In the context of limited resources, the redesign of products is imperative. This redesign aims to orient them towards greater durability, repairability, and reuse.

Vibrant Sustainable Architecture and Design Scene

Italy boasts a robust presence in sustainable architecture and design. Particularly in regions such as Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, and Veneto. These areas serve as hubs for interior and furniture design companies. These areas feature a high concentration of micro or small enterprises known for their artisanship and branding excellence.

Italy’s Design Sector: Driving Economic Growth and Innovation

Within the European Union, Italy stands out with the highest number of active design companies (36,000). The sector employs 63,000 workers and generates a benefit of €2.94 billion. It comprises micro or small enterprises that contribute significantly to the nation’s economy and reputation in the design industry.

Italian Design: Trends, Opportunities, and Sustainable Innovations

Italy’s distinction in architecture and project design is evident through:

  • Prominent European Influence: Approximately 27% of all European architects are Italian, showcasing Italy’s significant contribution to the field.
  • Global Engagement: These architects work not only within Italy but also internationally, indicating the wide-reaching impact of Italian design.
  • Opportunities for Foreign Suppliers: The international activities of Italian architects suggest that opportunities for foreign suppliers are not confined to Italy, but extend globally.
  • Adoption of Foreign Design Technology: Italy’s increasing openness to foreign design technology over the years highlights its evolving and inclusive approach to architectural and design practices.

The market for biobuilding in Italy is growing year by year, around 5% annually. Innovative biomaterials are also being developed and applied here, revolutionizing the world of sustainable architecture and construction.

Sustainability is a central theme in design within 96.5% of small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, they focus on design for durability, recycling, disassembly, and strategic sustainability.


Marko, FritsJurgens B.V.

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