International by culture and experience, my background is in commercial management. As Managing Partner of Proaxxes, I manage the project strategy and the continuous development of our model as an international business services company.

Integrated Partnership is the formula for high professionalism, competence and efficiency that distinguishes us: strongly cohesive and shared collaborations, in order to grow with the continuous transformations in progress instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Today’s global challenges impose new models, new value creation: multifaceted, articulated, integrated. Innovations that contribute to change. That are part of the solution rather than the problem. A commitment that Proaxxes and I are making, determined to turn the shared international projects into a success.

“In the end, a strategy is nothing but good intentions unless it is effectively implemented” – Clayton M. Christensen

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Determined and enthusiastic, I possess excellent technical insight. The practical vision of how to make the projects we take on succeed comes from my Dutch roots. As managing partner at Proaxxes, I am committed to translating the strategy developed with our partners into a challenging, achievable roadmap. Every day, I ensure every single member of the team realises their full potential and becomes accomplished through this beautiful adventure.

“The only person you should ever compete with is yourself. You can’t hope for a fairer match.” – Todd Ruthman




Ingenious and incurably enthusiastic, I am project manager for the Technology for architecture and design Division, where I coordinate the commercial back office and the sales team. Next to the planning and control of the marketing strategy for the business unit, I am responsible for implementing operational business decisions. Just like my life, much of my work is made up of experiences together with people: I am inspired by comparison and exchange, by shared growth in mutual enrichment, and by the ever-changing texture of human relationships.

The harder the difficulties you encounter, the greater will be the joy you feel when winning.”– Nichiren Daishonin

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Determined and realist, in Proaxxes I am responsible for the water sector as well as waste & byproducts. I also work in renewable energy and green mobility. I strongly believe that these are the milestones for a more sustainable world!

Furthermore, I organize technical and technological trade missions for associations and institutions in technological sectors. I work thoroughly to understand their technology and needs, and look for the best opportunity, introducing them to the most suitable partners in Italy. It is very rewarding when we manage together to close the deal!

For Proaxxes’ marketing and integrated partnership projects, I manage social media marketing development.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan



Curious and genuine, I work in the Proaxxes team as Business Development Assistant.  I specialize in Circular Economy and Agri & Food Tech projects and I believe that working with these types of technologies can make a significant difference in the effort to build a more sustainable economy.

I am also specialized in marketing and communication, with a strong passion for graphic design. I am currently taking care of the website and social media.

I love change and diversity because they stimulate growth and cultural enrichment.

Nothing is complicated if you walk inside of it. The forest seen from above is an impenetrable thicket, but you can know it tree by tree. The head of a man is incomprehensible until you stop to listen to him! ” – Stefano Benni, from Saltatempo

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Determined and curious, I work in the Proaxxes team as Project Assistant for the sustainable architecture sector, as well as the energy sector. I manage the back office for one of our partner-companies, which goes from customer assistance to invoicing. I am also responsible for the accounts.

I like to take care of different sectors because it helps me to grow in my professional and personal life.

Do it with passion, or not at all.”  – Rosa Nouchette Carey



A passionate business controller with experience in many sectors, I prefer projects whose objectives are geared to developing skills, innovation, growth and good finance.

For Proaxxes and its projects, I work on the culture and the practice of financial planning, cash budgets, treasury management and management control, all of which are essential to all business decisions.

Good control of the business is one of the pillars for the realisation of the enterprise quality and ethics as well as a rational context for exercising entrepreneurial creativity.

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I am an occupational and organisational psychologist, and a very experienced expert in long courses in employee engagement management. I am key to Proaxxes’ human resources culture, which in turn is fundamental to the design of the services the company develops and improves continuously throughout the management of all its integrated partnership projects.

The value of human resources: core and engine of every company.