International by culture and experience, my background is in commercial management. As Managing Partner of Proaxxes, I manage the project strategy and the continuous development of our model as an international business services company.

Integrated Partnership is the formula for high professionalism, competence and efficiency that distinguishes us: strongly cohesive and shared collaborations, in order to grow with the continuous transformations in progress instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Today’s global challenges impose new models, new value creation: multifaceted, articulated, integrated. Innovations that contribute to change. That are part of the solution rather than the problem. A commitment that Proaxxes and I are making, determined to turn the shared international projects into a success.

“In the end, a strategy is nothing but good intentions unless it is effectively implemented” – Clayton M. Christensen

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Determined and enthusiastic, I possess excellent technical insight. The practical vision of how to make the projects we take on succeed comes from my Dutch roots. As managing partner at Proaxxes, I am committed to translating the strategy developed with our partners into a challenging, achievable roadmap. Every day, I ensure every single member of the team realises their full potential and becomes accomplished through this beautiful adventure.

“The only person you should ever compete with is yourself. You can’t hope for a fairer match.” – Todd Ruthman




Determined and always seeking new challenges, I am an integral part of the Proaxxes team as a Junior Project Manager.

My tasks range from managing accounting to supporting the Sustainable Architecture sector, and overseeing customer service for one of our partner companies. I also take charge of managing Proaxxes’ Social Media.

This variety of roles not only stimulates me but also allows me to constantly grow both professionally and personally.

Do it with passion, or not at all.”  – Rosa Nouchette Carey

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Curious and enthusiastic, I work as a Business Development Manager for Proaxxes, breathing life into projects.

My goal is to scout ambitious, innovative technology companies that want to initiate or expand their business in Italy. Effectively, I will be Proaxxes’ eyes and ears in the Netherlands.

It excites me to set up alliances with companies that have the mission to do good! I am convinced that the private sector has an indispensable role in the creation of a sustainable economy and that Proaxxes can provide the services, connections and knowledge that these companies need to be successful in Italy.

“People who care, act, and refuse to give up may not change THE world, but they can change many individual worlds.” – Samantha Power



Dynamic and collaborative, in Proaxxes I work as a Junior Project Manager in Waste and Energy sectors.

I collaborate closely with our international partner company’s Regional Sales Management for Italy on sales and operational aspects. My responsibilities include handling Sales Back Office activities such as order processing, sales tracking, and vendor qualification procedures for public tenders.

I am also responsible for Proaxxes’ Marketing and Communication, with a strong passion for graphic design. I am currently taking care of the website and social media.

At Proaxxes, I firmly believe in the values of teamwork and mutual support, which are fundamental to our company’s philosophy.

“When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive? ” – Thomas Hood

Federica Servini


I am an occupational and organisational psychologist, and a very experienced expert in long courses in employee engagement management. I am key to Proaxxes’ human resources culture, which in turn is fundamental to the design of the services the company develops and improves continuously throughout the management of all its integrated partnership projects.

The value of human resources: core and engine of every company.



I specialize in supporting organizations to fortify their mission and identity, enabling them to measure and strategize economic-financial, strategic, and organizational development dynamics through collaboratively crafted change plans. Within Proaxxes, my focus revolves around financial planning and management control.

I actively engage in fostering relationships with all project stakeholders, both external and internal. It’s a unique journey for each company. Challenging and exciting. It involves listening, analysis, sharing, synthesis, and action.

“If this world doesn’t call for your best, create other worlds.”  –  Stefano Benni

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