Constantly monitoring the markets and their competitive dynamics is essential to a successful operational approach. Closely following general market trends, including both existing and potential customers as well as direct competitors, strengthens your local presence and makes it more effective.

To progressively make a new economic and cultural reality increasingly readable, it is essential to know and to identify the adjustments required to your corporate plans.

We offer:

  • Tailor-made analysis and advise based on a clear agreed upon sales plan
  • Access to local networks
  • Continuous monitoring of direct competitors
  • Commercial network selection and development
  • Existing and potential customer management
  • Opening of new sales channels
  • Continuous reporting


Our team has all the essential expertise to plan and set up your commercial establishment in Italy and for its efficient and effective integrated management. We can service you:

  • from baseline analysis to strategic decisions
  • from operational planning to implementation
  • from service design to operation management
  • from corporate communication adaptation to complete digital marketing development and management
  • from commercial network building to sales planning and management
  • from human resources selection to management control and financial planning.

Integrated partnership is our formula by nature. The quality of the trust relationship guarantees the optimisation of business processes, transparent external and internal corporate communication, operational simplicity as well as a medium-long term planning focus; all these are Proaxxes’ daily capital investment.


Holistic and integrated business management methods are increasingly being developed, gaining ground in order to promote global environmental sustainability. With ever greater clarity, actors from different backgrounds are converging on a common vision – one which finds its expression in the principles of a circular economy. Strengthened by an instinctive proclivity for action, we are prompted by a deep professional interest in circular economy projects. As such, we support our partner companies in adopting and embracing this discipline, which is expected to reshape global developments and trends. This rests on the value creation standards which are increasingly gaining acceptance as a business approach, and which hinge on mutual bonds of trust.

Creating a sustainable society is a real challenge, but it’s achievable as long as we do it together. We need to act and think about the future now, in new and different ways. We see a circular economy as a vital way of connecting new technologies to make the world more sustainable and ‘green’ for future generations, in terms of both production and consumption.