A comprehensive service to reach your goals on the Italian market

Proaxxes ensures that you start with a sustainable presence in Italy. We develop a tailored market entry strategy that aligns with your goals, resources, and growth strategy. We offer expert assistance in developing and implementing custom-made marketing strategies, tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of this market. Here are the key components of our service:

  • Development market entry strategy: based on your technology and organisation, we work on the best possible go-to-market strategy. Whether you need partnerships, acquisitions or a broad distribution channel: we formulate the most suitable approach.
  • Brand development: we ensure that your brand is visible amongst your target audience. Based on your preference, we visit and organise events, create attention in the press and make sure that you are visible where it matters most.
  • Social media marketing: we have strong experience in building a digital presence for technology companies, and help you to create a large audience in Italy on the channels that you prefer.