Our why and motives to choose for a circular mission

Our global challenges demand ‘a little less conversation, a little more action’!

Our mission towards sustainability started years ago when I was involved in the Earth Charter, a global project that was launched world-wide in 2000. In The Netherlands I was involved in the organisation of an exhibition on the theme, while in Italy I developed ‘Earth Projects’ for Italian schools and took part in the Annual international meeting of the Earth Charter Committee, held in Umbria.  Working on a better living environment, thus, has always been part of my personal and professional route.

I believe we should all be aware that the planet needs to be cared for and that we must all work together to reduce CO2 emissions and the squandering of raw materials. The Circular Economy business model contributes to this in an increasing way and is not only developing solutions for the environment such as design out waste, but also for social and economic questions such as new jobs, sharing products instead of owning them, working together and sustainable growth.

A sustainable society. A real challenge, and a reachable objective if we do it together. We see Circular Economy as the vehicle to connect new technologies to make this world, both in production and consumption, more sustainable and circular for the future.

Therefore our key, our core, as Proaxxes, is to bring technology together, where foreign and Italian companies are connected to contribute to the circular economic system.

Italy is a strong industrial and technological country, the second manufacturing country of Europe and the seventh in the world. The Italian manufacturing sector has a turnover of more than 900 billion euros, over 425.000 companies and 4.5 million employees. Many companies, institutions, universities, experts and private persons are working on circular solutions. Our own region of Tuscany was the first to introduce an action plan and law to free the beaches of plastic waste. Emilia Romagna is strong in circular agritech solutions, the Ecomondo trade fair is the leading event in Europe for the new models of circular economy and full of green and circular technology solutions and the Italian fashion industry is fully aware and actively doing the circular transition.

In a country such as The Netherlands, the Circular Economy is a key element of the government program, with the objective to make The Netherlands completely circular by 2050. This leads to an enormous flow of initiatives to reach this goal by companies, regions, cities and institutions. A manifold of technologies is being developed to support the circular transition in all sectors.

So why not connect all these experiences, solutions and expertise to share, work together and co-create. This is the core message of the Circular Economy: we cannot do it alone, we must work together.

Proaxxes recognises the need for methods to support companies in their transition to a circular model and is designing services that contribute to this need. We breathe life in strategic plans, support business development in circular areas through design thinking and bring technology partners together to co-create or exchange circular solutions. We are active in various sectors where this transition is happening, such as water, agri and foodtech, building and construction and oil & gas. Sharing experiences and technology solutions is key here!


The circular technology transition takes time but together we can achieve it and we want to be part of it! Will you join us?

Godelieve-team management

Godelieve – Managing Partner

“The only person you should ever compete with is yourself. You can’t hope for a fairer match. ”  – Todd Ruthman


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