Agritech grows with blockchain, QR code, app and Iot: 160 companies in the field

According to the Politecnico University of Milano: the value of the national Agritech market in 2019 (and expected to grow in the coming years) was 450 million euro, showing an increase of +22%compared to 2018, 5% of the global market, with the majority of spending concentrated in monitoring and control systems (39% of spending), management software (20%) (14%), followed by remote land monitoring systems (10%), mapping (9%) and decision support (5%).

These are the results of the research of the Smart Agrifood Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico University of Milano and the Rise Laboratory (Research & Innovation for Smart Enterprises) of the University of Brescia, presented at the conference “Digital has served. From the field to the shelf, the food supply chain is getting smarter.”

There are 415 4.0 solutions available for the agricultural sector in Italy, offered by more than 160 traditional companies and startups, mainly dedicated to precision agriculture and to Smart Farming, especially in the stages of cultivation, sowing and food harvesting in the fruit and vegetable, cereals and wine sectors.

The number of new players proposing digital solutions to the agricultural sector is increasing: there are 737 agrifood startups internationally, for a total of 13.5 billion dollars of funding collected, mainly active in eCommerce (70%) and agriculture 4.0 (20%). Italian startups attract only 0.3% of total funding.


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