This month we focus on the Green Logistics sector. How is Italy doing in this business field? How Green is Italy already and what are opportunities for Dutch technologies that can support Italian companies towards a more sustainable logistics system? These and other answers to above questions in this newsletter.

Firstly, we present you the 4 macro areas that will shape the logistics of the future


Although a complex system combining transport by rail, ship and road, intermodality is often also the greenest. An efficient and highly developed intermodal system means greater environmental and economic sustainability.

In Italy the “on road” transportation is still 10% above the European average (85% in Italy against 75% in Europe), partly due to the characteristics of Italy’s geography and fragmented production system.

It is essential to improve Italy’s competitiveness introducing new technologies to reach a higher level of sustainability in this area.

Companies operating in road haulage, rail transport and maritime transport, as well as all intermodal operators, have long been calling for the opportunity of working more at international level.

This is now possible, thanks to the enhancement of European intermodal corridors affecting Italy.

ALIS, Logistic Association of Sustainable Intermodality


Roadmap towards Zero Emissions Logistics 2050


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