Rimini, Italy 5-8 November 2019

We have collaborated on the organisation of the Holland Lounge, where 6 Dutch innovative companies have presented their latest green and circular technologies. Together with The Embassy of the Netherlands in Rome, the Association FME and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, we have organised tailored meetings with the aim of creating new business opportunities and partnerships for Italian and Dutch companies. The matchmaking between Dutch and Italian companies shows, once again, the opportunity that these two countries represent for each other.

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Dopper wants to empower people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles, to protect our world’s water sources. Every bottle fuels that mission. How? First of all, we raise awareness with international campaigns to help people see the need for change. One by one we’re creating a movement of changemakers carrying our Dopper bottles as a badge of honor. Companies, influencers, consumers or just families and friends are all spreading the message to stop plastic pollution and drink from the tap. Second, we offer educational programmes and fund research. We believe that the more you know about a problem the closer you are to solving it. Third, we create immediate impact. Dopper is officially certified as a B Corp – a Benefit Corporation – which means we’re part of a global movement in a new economy that uses business as a force for good!


I started in the field of sustainable energy in 2010, in a commercial position trying to sell solar power systems to installers. I soon saw that the installers themselves didn’t have the commercial skills to help consumers struggling with so many questions. Far too quickly, answers were given along the lines of “there’s a subsidy for this” or “my solar panels give the highest return.”

By actually sitting down with the installer and the purchaser at the kitchen table, we’d find a technically responsible solution based on the wishes of the customer. When solar PV projects were introduced in 2014, I was faced with the same situation. The property owner, governments and farmers had the same questions as the private individual a few years before. So, again, sitting the three parties down together worked, simply by listening and offering a customised solution. And there was one great common denominator – guaranteed financial returns!

Since 2016, I’ve been regularly visiting China and looking behind the scenes of solar panels. I’ve also been inspired to look beyond solar power because solar might not always be the best solution. Today we are working with Utility companies, EPC’s and investors and offer all our expertise and services. We are the missing link to a successful project with the best possible return of investment!


We are an Amsterdam-based disruptive innovator constantly looking for new ways to promote clean, healthy, refreshing and sustainable drinking water. We encourage people to drink tap water using a multi-use bottle and to refill from easy-to-use and sustainable refill stations.

By installing bottle refill stations and selling (pre-filled) reusable bottles made from sugar cane in developed countries, we make tap water accessible and raise awareness of the issue at hand. With the income generated we set up water projects and city clean-ups in developing countries where we believe 95% of plastic waste originates.


Micro Turbine Technology (MTT) is an innovative Dutch company specialising in the development and commercialisation of micro turbines for various applications. MTT collaborates with leading research institutes, industry partners, energy utilities and qualified installers.

MTT’s EnerTwin is a heating system that also produces electricity. Based on MTT’s micro turbine, this is a micro CHP system (Combined Heat and Power) that will change the game in the distributed energy market. The highly cost-efficient EnerTwin produces up to 3,2 kW electricity. Maintenance costs are only 20% of competing micro CHP systems, and installation is done within half a day. The lifetime is equal to traditional boilers. The EnerTwin fulfils the latest emission standards and is CE certified for the use of a wide range of clean fuels including biomethane, green gas, natural gas with up to 23% hydrogen content, natural gas, biogas etc.

Installing an EnerTwin in a building can lead to a better Energy Label, improving it by up to two energy efficiency classes in only one day. This can be particularly interesting for historic buildings.


Who are we exactly? Well let’s start with the name.

“Green”. We strive for green energy production, as the world is buckling under a heavy load of greenhouse gasses. We do this by constructing small scale biogas plants starting at 10kW which makes them perfect for use on farms. By doing so, our installations convert Methane into carbon dioxide reducing the amount of greenhouse effect caused by methane (CO2 being 24 times less harmful than Methane as a greenhouse gas). In the process of converting the Methane, we use the gas to generate power and heat which can be used entirely by the farmer.

“Service”. Service is a very important thing for us, if not the most important. We strive to make our clients happy by providing fast service witch well trained technicians. So what do we do? In short, we construct small-scale, fully customisable biogas plants which cater to every client’s energy needs. We then provide fast and efficient after-sales service.


Arcadis is a multinational Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying the deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services, Arcadis works in partnership with its clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of the natural and built assets. Our team is dedicated to improving quality of life. We are made up of 27,000 people, active in over 70 countries that generate 3.3 billion Euros in revenue.

Arcadis operates in Italy through its controlled Arcadis Italia Srl. Arcadis Italia Srl consists of over 170 people, offices in Rome and Milan and a turnover of about 29 million euros. Their main business lines are water, environment, infrastructure and buildings.

Arcadis has a long and rich history dating back to 1888. The name Arcadis is derived from Arcadia, which, according to Greek mythology, is the finest place on earth to live. It represents the aim to work systematically with clients to create a better environment where people can live, work and thrive.

The Arcadis brand contains the statement `Design & Consultancy for natural and built assets`. This description indicates the ability to positively impact natural assets (air, water, land, built, infrastructure, buildings, processing and energy). The combination of design and consultancy and the unique at scale collection of professional technical skills gives Arcadis the capability to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for clients worldwide.

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