Italy invests in Eco-efficiency Technology and low impact innovation

After the great economic crisis, no country in Europe invested as much in eco-efficient technology and low-impact innovation as Italy. This stunning result came out from the last “Green Italy” report edit by Unioncamere, the Italian association of Chambers of Commerce of Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture and the Symbola Foundation. This report promotes a development model based on quality where traditions and territories marry innovation, research and respect for the environment.

According to the report, Italy has a production system that is the first in Europe for low-waste and industrial recycling and second only to Germany for recovery of packaging (66.9% against 71.8%). In the last decade Italy has become a leading country in Europe in energy consumption from renewable sources, which has increased from 6.3% in 2004 to 17.1% in 2014. Even locally, Italy displays excellence in eco-efficiency. In fact, 1250 mayors have managed to bring their municipalities above the 65% recycling. About 525 of them have also been able to ensure a waste reduction up to 75 kg per year for each of their citizens.

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