How do we build the city of the future?

City of future: completely circular and sustainable? We found a very interesting article on how the Dutch translate their dreams and ambitions into action!

In the article you will read about some initiatives that show how far value retention can be implemented in construction by producing as few materials as possible or throwing them away; this leaves zero waste.

More and more initiatives are based on a circular idea: if it is already necessary to use materials, then reuse must be the standard. Raw materials for building materials are scarce. Moreover, the waste released during construction and demolition forms a major attack on the environment.

“The value of materials must decrease as little as possible. This means that it is useful to take good care of the materials. Now you see in construction that many materials are still used once. If a building loses the function it had, it also loses its value and the materials are difficult to reuse”.

Read the full article in Dutch

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