Bring your business to new heights with our expert Country Manager services.

We understand that entering the Italian market can be challenging, which is why we offer comprehensive management and coordination of your company’s operations in Italy. Our services include:

  • Market Analysis: gain a deep and ongoing understanding of local market conditions and competition.
  • Sales and Marketing: develop and implement effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Regulatory Compliance: ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Networking and Brand promotion: build relationships with key local stakeholders.

With our Country Manager services, you can confidently enter the Italian market, successfully adapting to local conditions and achieving your goals.

Which are the benefits of this service?

Proaxxes might be your perfect business development partner in Italy. Our experience and local knowledge can support you in understanding the ever-changing dynamics of the local market and competition. This helps you identify business opportunities and mitigate potential risks effectively.


Establish a strong presence in the Italian market.

Connect with key players in the market.

Reach your marketing goals in the Italian market.