“Farm Zero”, ONO EF takes Agriculture 4.0 to a new level

An automated vertical farming platform will handle emergency situations

A fully automated and sustainable vertical farming platform has been invented in Italy, suitable for dealing with emergency periods such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The “Farm Zero” project is an Italian vertical, modular and scalable intensive cultivation platform. It is fully automated (based on machine learning and artificial intelligence systems) and it can guarantee food supply even in times of emergency.

The platform is designed by ONO Exponential Farming, an Italian start-up from Verona which is active in the agritech sector, specializing in high-tech vertical solutions and oriented to the highest level of sustainability. The main benefits of the platform are the 70% reduction in energy consumption, its conservation of 95% of water used, the crop density and the absence of manpower in the stages of growth. The goal is to achieve the highest productivity and maximize the quality parameters of plants through the three elements that characterize ONO: innovative management of energy transferred to plants, individual management of nutrients by type of plant and optimal management of climatic conditions.


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