Milan, the 18-year-olds who refurbish and donate PC: “Digital education is a right for everyone”

“The worst phase of the Covid emergency has passed but in the future we do not know what lies ahead. The school system must have learned that digital teaching is a fundamental tool.” Four 18-year-old boys from Milan have decided to make themselves available to others by creating the platform. A very simple website that brings together free demand and supply of used tablets or PCs. “On the site we collect both donations and requests for devices and – says the founder of the group Jacopo Rangone – also with the help of a technician we recondition computers to new life and make them operational for use.”

The coronavirus has highlighted the gap between families and schools in the world of digital education and the pc4you initiative is certainly not the first one of its kind. What’s new, is the long-term vision of the children: “We want to help the process of digitization that in Italy is lagging behind – explains Jacopo – We need to narrow the gap between those who have more and those who have less.”


Watch the interview by Andrea Lattanzi

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