What can Proaxxes do for Dutch companies in the Italian agricultural sector?

The Italian agricultural system is widespread and very diversified. In Italy there are over 1.4 million farms (60% active in the south) on a production area of 12.4 million hectares. The fabric of agricultural enterprises has strong characteristics of production fragmentation and farms have usually medium-small dimensions.

Agricultural technologies are entering the agri-food supply chain with solutions that increase the competitiveness of the entire sector and play a fundamental role in ensuring the sustainability of companies. To date, their application is still limited and there are still many steps to be taken.

For this reason, Proaxxes is constantly monitoring the market and its competitive dynamics for a successful operational approach. We are closely observing general market trends, performing competitor analysis to strengthen our partners’ local presence and to make it more effective.

In the agriculture sector we can support all those innovative companies who wish to get to know the Italian market, access to local networks and open new sales channels.

What can we do for you more specifically?

  • Tailor-made analysis and advice based on a clear agreed upon sales plan.
  • Carry out analysis of possible competitors, to understand their specific product or service so you can determine your strategy.
  • Find contacts, partners, distributors and clients in Italy.
  • Help you find and build lasting relationships with the necessary contacts.
  • Management of existing and potential customers
  • Continuous reporting
  • Set up your commercial office in Italy where Proaxxes can be your integrated management partner.

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