Fairfood’s blockchain traces food “back to its genesis” for effective brand storytelling

Dutch NGO Fairfood has launched a new blockchain-enabled transparency and traceability platform, Trace, to track food back to its origin and share product stories, tapping into the storytelling trend. Adopting a banner of “radical transparency,” the organization aims to empower farmers with its user-friendly platform. Trace is positioned as an accessible and affordable tool, allowing food businesses large and small to uncover their supply chain and, with that, possible socio-economic issues.

Trace is a simple to use SaaS [Software as a Service] platform that allows any food brand to apply transparency on their product chains and start tracing their products. The tool is specifically made to also sign up farmers that only have access to a basic mobile phone using SMS. Once the chain is complete, users can start sending digital batches of goods to each other on a public blockchain, using Fairfood’s easy to use interface. “Every batch automatically generates a QR code which links to a consumer-friendly interface that displays the whole journey of the product, allowing for easy storytelling,” details Marten van Gils, director Digital Innovation at Fairfood.


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