“We are very inspired by the Ellen McArthur foundation when it comes up to Circular Economy in Watermanagement”

We found this whitepaper explores the common characteristics, ideas and approaches between Circular Economy Initiatives being implemented by organisations and Water System Management in its most holistic sense and we would like to share that with you. It establishes a common language that will allow Circular Economy and Water practitioners to better understand each other.

The paper sets out an initial context and identifies synergies between the two topics before exploring areas of common opportunity and how by applying circular economy ideas greater value can be generated. It concludes with a Prospectus of ideas for Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) Co.Project(s).

Our visit to Ecomondo confirmed the immense opportunities to make the water management sector more circular and more sustainable in the near future. Would you like to know how your technology could contribute to Italy’s circular economy plans in water technology? Contact us today and we tell you how!

Read the Whitepaper ‘Water and Circular Economy’

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