Tuscany: Regional Council approves new circular economy and waste management legislation

On Tuesday 26 May, the Regional Council of Tuscany approved the new legislation on the circular economy and waste management. The law had already been approved by the Territory and Environment and Economic Development Commissions and establishes thematic technical tables to help prevent waste production; re-use, recycling, reuse and recovery of waste; the necessary plant requirements for the treatment of non-reusable waste; interventions to promote the market for recycled products.

The discussion will be focused on the production sector of marble, textiles, paper, steel, fertilizers, and chemistry; waste from electrical and electronic equipment and construction and demolition equipment;  sludge  from wastewater purification and the integrated cycle of urban waste. Other production districts may be entered by the Council through a resolution.

The law in summary
The law implements the EU principles of circular economy by assuming a strategy for the creation of synergies between the various areas of intervention. The legislation establishes thematic technical tables, organised according to the production or service sector concerned, in order to identify technological modalities to promote the prevention of waste production; re-use, recycling and recovery of waste; the plant and technological requirements necessary for the treatment of non-recyclable waste; interventions to promote the market for recycled products with less environmental impact.

The tables will be attended by the relevant regional institutions, the representative associations of the production sectors, the companies involved and the technical organizations responsible for waste. The goal is to produce a document to identify technological, management and necessary initiatives to guide the behavior of families and businesses. A regional fund will be set up for interventions aimed at the transition of circular economy models, such as the incentive to build platforms, and any other action aimed at the donation and reuse of materials.


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