Covid-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy

The Covid-19 crisis has disastrous human and economic consequences, revealing our system’s exposure to a variety of risks. The call for a more resilient, circular and low-carbon economic model has garnered support from a growing number of businesses and governments over the past few years and appears today more relevant than ever.

As the pandemic forces us to adapt our daily lives in ways we would not have imagined, it also challenges us to rethink the systems that underpin the economy. While there is no question that addressing public health consequences is the priority, the nature of the equally crucial economic recovery effort raises questions.

Should stimulus packages focus on finding the way back to growth by kicking business into overdrive, or could they accelerate the shift that has already started towards a more resilient, low-carbon circular economy?

One way to tackle this polarising question is to reject the idea that rapidly returning to economic dynamism is incompatible with a wider system transition. Circulate News by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation offers an accurate analysis of the post Covid-19 situation and a cutting-edge vision of the future economy.


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