The Circulars: These 11 companies are leading the way to a circular economy

The circular economy is more than just a buzz phrase. With the global population predicted to approach 9 billion people by 2030, we are using more resources than the planet can provide. Our future depends on reusing what we have in a sustainable way. Fortunately, innovation is unlimited and many companies are developing ingenious ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, in collaboration with Accenture Strategy, brought up the most innovative companies and solutions at The Circulars.

Among companies that are leading the way to circular economy, DyeCoo stands out. DyeCoo is a Dutch company that has developed a process to dye cloth that uses no water and no chemicals other than the dyes themselves. It uses highly pressurised “supercritical” carbon dioxide, halfway between a liquid and a gas, that dissolves the dye and carries it deep into the fabric. The carbon dioxide evaporates and it is then recycled and used again. The results are outstanding, as 98% of the dye is absorbed and vibrant colours are fully assimilated by the fabric. In addition, since the cloth does not need to dry, the process takes half of the time, uses less energy, and costs less. The company has already established partnerships with major brands such as Nike and IKEA.

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