Our contemporary service-and-knowledge culture aims to foster intercultural understanding, active listening and the creation of mutually beneficial long-lasting business relations.

Proaxxes actively pursues and endorses:

  • Quality relationships which make techniques and technologies accessible, constantly updatable and therefore decisive for success
  • Transparent, two-way communication to facilitate smooth interactions and build trust across the team, while enabling thorough risk assessment and minimising potential uncertainties in implementation
  • Operational simplicity allowing for clear, shared objectives and a focus on the actions to be taken and the quality of work to be done
  • Medium to long-term focus allowing for trust to develop among first-rate business partners, to build significant, far-reaching relationships.

We fully understand the opportunities and challenges brought about by the opening of new international markets, and act as your experienced local specialists. Our management team furthermore has all the necessary expertise for a project in a target country to succeed:

From a thorough baseline analysis to relevant strategic decisions; from operational planning to implementation and development; from service design to operational management; from corporate communication adaptation to complete digital marketing development and management; from commercial network building to sales planning and management; from decisive human resources selection to management control and financial planning.

Our expertise and skills are essential for multiple critical actions, including:

-Selecting appropriate local operators capable of really developing the market, favouring them over those who stick to their usual contacts, and lack the right mindset and organisational structure.

-Treating selected local suppliers as long-term partners rather than casual market access opportunities.

-Supporting market developments based on a marketing plan, ideas, expertise and investments belonging to a sound, sustainable project, within whose framework selected suppliers behave as executors of a corporate marketing strategy rather than independent actors. Marketing is steered from the start, ensuring its processes are properly adapted to local conditions.

-Summoning and authoritatively leading planning meetings; deciding which product, positioning and budget-related issues to coordinate and taking full advantage of the available potential in synergy with the existing international marketing network.

-Ensuring the best possible control of distributors’ performances and their customers’ needs. Making sure they provide all market data along with all essential financial information.