Workshop ‘Measurability of Circularity’

The ‘LivingLab Regio FoodValley Circulair’ connects entrepreneurs, educational and research institutions, and governments. Together they join forces to work towards a ‘Circular Economy’. They see Circular Entrepreneurship as the answer to the energy and raw materials shortages, and as a promising basis for new business cases.

The main goal of this workshop is to find out how to measure the circularity of a company. This opportunity can be seen as a sort of quest where the participants conduct research to eventually find ‘an objective standard to measure circularity’. Together they want to find the answer to how one, as an entrepreneur, can go circular but also how to assess and assure the circularity of his/her products, services or processes.

The event will take place on Wednesday, July the 17th in Barneveld, The Netherlands.

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