Godelieve visited the Ecomondo fair in Rimini

In this articles she shares her insights.

‘This year’s edition of the States General of the Green Economy, helt during “two Green Days” at the start of Ecomondo 2018, indicated 10 measures to make a significant step forward in Italy’s transition to Green Economy helping the recovery and creating new employment that in 5 years could reach 2.2 million jobs.

The 2018 States General also provided an update on the trend of green economy’s strategic sectors in Italy between excellencies and downfalls. Italy in 2017 obtains good “votes” in the circular economy, organic agriculture and eco-innovation, but still has much to do on the consumption of the soil, the protection of biodiversity, decarbonization.

Following these promising developments in Italy’s green and circular economy, we see many opportunities for Dutch and other foreign technology providers in this sector. As your integrated partner, Proaxxes can support you in your business development in order to create long lasting partnerships with the Italian green industry’.

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