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Circularity Gap Report – The Netherlands


The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative highlights the urgent need to transition to a circular economy. On June the 3rd a new Circularity Gap Report was officially released, pointing out that The Netherlands is now 24,5 % circular, aiming to become fully circular by 2050.

The Circularity Gap Report conveys how the amount of material that is wasted every year in this country could be reduced, thereby increasing its circularity from 24.5% to 70%.

The report also highlights the main interventions that need to be done by the government to reach its goal to be fully circular by 2050.

  • Advanced Construction practices
  • Circular Agriculture and food system
  • Shifting from fossil fuels to renewable resources
  • Repair, remanufacturing and high-value recycling

The transition to a new system of “production” and transformation will require human capital, new kinds of jobs and new skills. In the building and construction sector new jobs for the sourcing, sorting, testing and supply of high-quality secondary materials will be required. Cutting edge research jobs will be needed to realise the transition to a circular agriculture. To develop a real market of repaired, remanufactured, and recycled products, engineers skilled in refurbishment will be required.


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