Green Leader Maayke Damen, Excess Materials Exchange, gives value to waste

The Excess Materials Exchange is a digital facilitated marketplace where your company can exchange any excess materials and products. It is almost like participating on a dating site: it actively matches supply and demand and materials with their highest-value reuse opportunity.

How they work

Find out how they turn the waste into wealth. To make successful matches they use a holistic and systemic process. The following four tools are instrumental to this process:

1. Resources Passport

The resources passport helps saving material, component and product data in a structured manner by giving materials an identity.

2. Tracking & Tracing

With tracking and tracing identifiers like bar- & QR codes and chips we effectively couple materials to the resources passports and follow them through their life cycles

3. Valuation

We calculate the financial value, and the environmental and societal impact of the matches we identify.

4. Matchmaking platform

We facilitate the matchmaking of material streams to find the highest-value reuse of materials and products.


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