The Status Quo of the Circular Economy Transition in The Netherlands

In 2016, the Dutch Government has outlined its plans for the transition to a circular economy in the government-wide circular economy policy programme, entitled ‘A circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050’. This government-wide programme focusses on reduction in natural resource consumption, around five priority themes: biomass and food, plastics, manufacturing, construction, and consumer goods.

During our visit to the National Conference on Circular Economy in Rome, we got confirmed that also in Italy, a circularity index is being proposed. The index shows there is still a lot to be done: Italy must work on sharing economy models, ecolabel licences and common use of renewable energies. Furthermore, Italy needs to valorise the waste and to develop new systems to reuse it internally within the country, in order to improve the market of secondary materials.

We see lots of opportunities for collaboration between Italy and The Netherlands, where Dutch technology can contribute to the Italian system and find application in the broad Italian know-how.

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