Juice & Cup from the same orange: The circular Juice Bar by CRA

Italian design studio Carlo Ratti Associati created a juice bar that turns the rind of the fruit into recyclable cups. “Feel the Peel” is an automated juice bar that includes a 3D printer. It will be on tour across Italy throughout October 2019 following its debut at the Singularity University Summit in Milan.The technology will be exposed also at Ecomondo, the leading event in Europe for the new models of the circular economy, held in Rimini this November. The “Feel the Peel” prototype is a 3,10-meter high orange squeezer machine, topped by a dome filled with 1,500 oranges. When a person orders a juice, oranges slide down into the squeezer, while its peels are accumulated above, then transformed into bioplastic through a process of drying and milling. Once heated and melted, the polymer becomes a filament, used by a 3D printer incorporated into the machine which creates the cups that are used by customers for their juice.

“The principle of circularity can be an inspiration for tomorrow’s everyday life objects”, says Carlo Ratti.

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