Sustainable packaging to cater to young consumers

Sustainability, premiumisation, transparency and traceability – all these trends that have come to define the shape of the consumer industries in recent years have been a reaction to a younger and increasingly conscious consumer base. That is not to say that older consumers are not coming along with the change, but the trends have really found their roots in millennials and Gen Z; and these consumers are driving the change forwards. Consider the Extinction Rebellion, a climate protest largely driven by very young people, including children that nevertheless forced fresh public reckoning with environmental issues.

With such change at the forefront of these consumer groups’ minds, it is not surprising that brands have looked to capitalise on the notion of ‘conscious’ capitalism. Perhaps most notable in the broad shift towards sustainable packaging and the gradual transition of retail towards zero-waste, brands have taken note of a class of consumers that are conscious, connected, and willing to reward brands that align with their ethics.

While these transformations are occurring across consumer industries, packaging has perhaps borne the brunt of it and been placed at the coal front of change. After all, not only does packaging have relevance across a multitude of industries but also it makes use of one of the most demonised materials of our time: plastic.


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