Our sustainability mission started years ago, when we were involved in the Earth Charter, a global project launched in 2000. On behalf of Italy, we developed ‘Earth Projects’ in local schools. Working to create a better living environment has always been at the heart of our personal and professional ethos.

In its studies on the Italian circular economy, the Circular Economy Network focuses on five main issues:

Beginning with PRODUCTION, it shows that Italy is excelling in this field, gaining ground over EU competitors including Germany, the UK, Spain and France – although the report does also highlight a slowdown in the last year.   

The field of circular WASTE MANAGEMENT is similarly highly developed in Italy – which enables the country to maintain the first position alongside Germany.

Turning to CONSUMPTION, the circularity index shows there is still a lot to be done: Italy has to work on sharing economy models and ecolabel licences and use renewable energy more widely. Furthermore, the country must also adopt a waste valorisation programme and develop new internal recycling systems aimed at improving the SECONDARY MATERIALS market.

Finally, Italy seems to make the best use of the few INVESTMENTS and LABOUR resources devoted to the circular economy transition. Nonetheless, the whole country would benefit from stronger government support and more solid investments in this transition process.

Proaxxes’ core activity is to bring technology together, connecting foreign and Italian companies to contribute to the Italian circular economy.

While a technology transition takes time, we can nevertheless achieve it together – and Proaxxes is determined to be a part of it!