Reuse – Rethinking Packaging

“Reuse – Rethinking Packaging” by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation offers a basic description of how different reuse models work as well as typical implementation challenges and identifies six major benefits of reuse that can bring significant benefits to both users and businesses. These include, among others, cutting costs, adapting to individual needs, optimizing operations, building brand loyalty, improving user experience, and gathering intelligence.

  • Packaging and transportation costs can be reduced by supplying refills for reusable containers in compact forms, such as concentrates or solids, e.g. tablets
  • Individual needs can be accommodated by reuse models that allow users to mix and match flavours, personalise packaging or choose desired quantities
  • Brand loyalty and customer retention can be achieved through deposit and reward schemes for reusable packaging
  • User experience can be improved by enhancing the look, feel or functionality of reusable packaging (which can be more high-end as its initial production cost is divided over many uses)
  • Information on user preferences and system performance can be gathered by incorporating digital technologies such as RFID tags, sensors, and GPS tracking into the reusable packaging system
  • Economies of scale for distribution and logistics can be achieved through sharing reusable packaging across brands, sectors or wider networks


Read the Report “Reuse” by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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