We love international business development projects, especially the more ambitious ones. We work in close partnership with companies and organisations to breathe life into their strategic plans.

Modern fast-paced, high-tech settings demand more advanced and increasingly creative, interactive approaches. By integrating ourselves with our partners’ operating environments – from their management to their staff – we develop and manage services for the target markets together, based on a ‘hinged’ connection to the challenges at stake.

Our core strengths include passion, competence, dedication and accountability as a partner. Over the years, we have learned that the dynamic connections we generate present real value to both stakeholders involved as we pursue a mutually profitable, lasting business collaboration.

Strategic management, a constant creative focus on change, close proximity to local economies and cultures, extended networks and a consolidated business development practice in the relevant technological sectors lie at the heart of our swift and efficient operational profile.


Project management, and continuous monitoring of the Italian market as it evolves, with regular adjustment of the operational plan accordingly

Planning, set-up and integrated management for your operational office in Italy. Integrated partnership is Proaxxes’ market access formula

Exploring the potential of the circular economy technology as a source of value creation between foreign and Italian companies.