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What Proaxxes can do for Dutch Companies in Italian public tenders

The support of a local expert is highly recommended in Italian public tenders since the market procedures are very complicated and often in Italian language. Here’s what Proaxxes can do for Dutch Companies in Italian public tenders!

Italian public procurements are governed by the national Public Procurement Code, which is in line with European directives but also presents considerable procedural differences and requirements that can disorientate those who do not know in depth or have never worked with a public administration in Italy. The support of a local expert is highly recommended, since the market procedures are very complicated and often in Italian language.

Proaxxes is constantly monitoring the markets and their competitive dynamics for a successful operational approach. We are closely following general market trends, performing competitor analysis to strengthen our partners’ local presence and to make it more effective.

In the market of Public Tenders, together with our partner Plus Servizi, we can support all those economic operators who wish to participate in Italian tenders and work with public bodies, but do not have an in-depth knowledge of the legislation and procedures to correctly participate and complete the tender procedure.

What can we do for you more specifically?
  • Select the most suitable sources to find all current public tenders and filter them according to your requirements, your sector and your specific product or service.

This is necessary because the Italian public procurement system is extremely rich and complicated. Invitations to tenders are not published from a single source but appear to be fragmented on many portals. Invitations to public tenders are submitted in Italian and therefore difficult to monitor for a foreign company.

  • Prepare and fill in all the tender documents, to be uploaded on the appropriate platforms.

When participating in a tender, you will often find an English version of the contract requirements and technical tender specifications online. While this may seem tempting to you as a foreign company, the reality is that, in Italy, final delivery of the tender documents must invariably be done in Italian. Our multilingual team will lead you through the entire Italian tender process and ensures a punctual execution of the procedures for an accurate efficient participation.

  • Carry out analysis of other possible competitors participating, to understand their specific product or service so you can determine your strategy.
  • Find contacts, partners and subcontractors in Italy.

In order to participate to a tender or once the tender has been awarded, it is necessary to develop a network of partners, contacts, and subcontractors with whom to carry out the work.

  • Help you find and build lasting relationships with the necessary contacts.
  • Set up your commercial office in Italy where Proaxxes can be your integrated management partner.


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