Covid-19 Emergency Logistics Think Tank Is Born

The world of logistics is preparing for the post-emergency scenario caused by Covid-19, with the creation of a body that brings together associations, experts, opinion leaders and academics. It is called the Logistics Think Tank and is promoted by the Freight Leaders Council and Ebilog. The start-up meeting took place by teleconference on March 23rd, establishing a working group composed by representatives of the forty companies that joined the initiative and a Steering Board made up of eighteen opinion leaders.

The Logistics Think Tank will start from the current coronavirus emergency scenario to provide guidelines in the next phase, which have been also developed thanks to the critical points detected at this stage. Before the summer, the study team will submit some guidelines to the institutions and policy to develop innovative, competitive and structured logistics.

“The relentless succession of events related to the evolution of the Covid 19 convinced us of the need to accelerate the internal confrontation in the logistics sector, to prepare for reconstruction”, explains the president of the Freight Leaders Council, Massimo Marciani. The Council of this morning is comparable to a real ‘technical crisis unit’, used to study the emergency and contingent actions. Each organisation, according to individual competences, is preparing an action plan for the post-emergency. What will the institutions, companies and the country system have to do to make structural sense of all the sacrifices we are facing now?”

Ebilog will provide economic and human resources to address the Covid 19 emergency to companies and workers. The President Walter Barbieri announces that workforce has already been deployed with the purpose of monitoring the situation throughout the country and to activate with the companies the Decree Salva Italia.

The creation of the Logistics Think Tank has been called a “laudable” initiative by the president of Assologistica, Andrea Gentile: ” Without logistics and transport, the world, not just the economic-productive one, risks to collapse.”

The national branche organisation for transport & logistics, Assologistica, is among the associations that have joined the project: “We are aware that we need to start thinking on the ‘reconstruction’ that we will have to face once the current difficult situation is closed. It is important to immediately think about the actions that institutions, companies and the country system will have to take in order to avoid the enormous efforts and sacrifices that the world of logistics and transport are facing these days being thwarted. We need to work on the future, not only economic, of our country”, concludes Gentile.


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