Proaxxes on BNR News radio

Dutch BNR News radio asked our opinion about the current economic situation in Italy after the meeting of the Italian government with the EP in Brussels.

Godelieve explains that despite Italy’s difficult internal financial situation and the disagreement with the European guidelines, the Italian industry is still up and running in many sectors such as: biotech, water technology, robotics and machinery.

‘Yes, of course, we are worried about the latest developments’, explains Godelieve to BNR. ‘But Italy always came out of any situation. Italy is not Greece. The industry and the industrialisation in Italy are too strong to collapse; I don’t think this will happen’.

How will the situation be for entrepreneurs who import and/ or export from or to Italy?

According to Godelieve, due to its strong industrialisation Italy’s import and export traffic will remain in movement.  She explains that, ‘the export and import traffic between Italy and The Netherlands is based on machine building and chemical products, medical devices and other technologies’. According to Godelieve Italy is and has always been a ‘hub country’ with export possibilities to the Middle East and Asia. ‘I think, there is no reason to panic too much’, is thus her conclusion.

For local international entrepreneurs the situation might be a bit different. ‘When foreign entrepreneurs start their own local company on the Italian market, they will take fully part of the Italian system and yes, that means as well that they take part of all the decisions the government makes, so they will feel the economic changes as we do. The advantage of working with us is that we know the rules and regulations and we can prepare companies on what to expect here’.

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