The Amsterdam City Doughnut – Report

Amsterdam wants to be a fully circular city by 2050. To realise this ambition, systemic change is needed. The city of Amsterdam is the first city in the world to use the City Doughnut economics model. With this model, Amsterdam is building an integral circular economy strategy for the period 2020-2025; creating a point on the horizon where environmental, societal, and economic priorities take centre stage.

But how to realise the radical and ambitious vision to make such a thriving city? That’s the question the City of Amsterdam, Kate Raworth and Circle Economy are giving an answer to at We Make The City, a showcase for urban innovation held in Amsterdam on June 19.

The report “Building blocks for the new strategy Amsterdam Circular 2020-2025” summarises the process and outcomes of the multi-stakeholder of the Amsterdam City Doughnut, which has guided the creation of circular strategies to create a truly thriving Amsterdam over the coming five years.

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